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Supportsmouth started back in March, when I realised that a lot of businesses were going to be affected by a lockdown, which many of us had no idea how long it would last. Here we are in November, 8 months later, back in lockdown #2 with many businesses having to adapt to stay afloat.

It started as a gift card selling service; offered to those who didn’t have a platform on which to sell vouchers or gift cards. Customers could then redeem them once the business was back open. It soon evolved after a discussion with friends about which companies were offering delivery/collection, and then walk-ins/table bookings, once things started opening up again. So now it is what it is today! We’re currently listing over 100 businesses and counting. Please do feel free to submit yours too.

The gift card service is no longer operational as the free resources we were initially gifted expired after lockdown #1 ended. However I’m always happy to chat to you about any help I can offer with your website. Drop me an email here.

A new blog!

With winter on our heels, I thought it about high time that Supportsmouth had a blog, with so many wonderful things going on in our beautiful city I wanted somewhere to document that.

I do a lot of walking around our city, and visiting as many local businesses as I can, and during the last few months I’ve seen so many incredible things happen. from pubs & restaurants rallying together to help feed hungry children during half term, to shops donating what they can to help those in need, and restaurants offering free meals to the homeless and elderly. I have friends who run all sorts of businesses around Portsmouth, and every single person has been willing to help those around them in some capacity or another ? 

I’m hoping this blog will be a chance to showcase and honour some of our local businesses – so if you have a story, or you’ve heard of a business doing something exciting, heartwarming, or simply feel they need a shout out, please get in touch at help@supportsmouth.com

I’m always re-posting things that are happening around Portsmouth on our Supportsmouth Facebook page too, so feel free to give it a follow to see what our lovely local businesses are up to during lockdown, and also outside of lockdown, as we try and get back to some kind of normal.

Some thank you’s

Thank you to everyone who has re-posted Supportsmouth ?  It’s there for everyone to use for free, and hopefully find helpful! Please pass it on to anyone who may want to be listed, and I will do my very best to keep it up to date!

Last, and definitely not least, thank to you all the people who have helped me with the website over the year. Nathan Gaskin for doing some amazing development work; he runs iOS app development company Applied Brilliance here in Portsmouth. Karl March, for the amazing branding work for Supportsmouth; Karl is an amazing entrepeneur who runs Port 57 Co-working studio on Albert Road, as well as Kontained branding agency, and new venture Dark Adaptation (space themed prints). And a massive thank you to my fiance David who stays up late nights to help me update the site! ?

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