Supportsmouth founder wins Freelancer Award!

I’m extremely excited to finally be able to share the news that I won the Freelancer Awards!

YunoJuno, who created the Freelancer Awards (or Sweet FA as they call it), had an overwhelming responce to this years event. Last year they received around 6000 votes over the entire voting period, this year they received 6000 votes in 48 hours!

They put on a special edition of the awards this year to celebrate freelancers who were using their skills to help others during the pandemic. I was extremely humbled to find out I had even made the finalist list, let alone to find out that I had won an award!

A huge thank you goes out to my fiance for nominating me as well as helping me keep the site up to date, to my best friends Nathan & Karl for supporting and contributing to Supportsmouth right from the start, and to all the lovely people who voted for me. I am truly touched and it was amazing to get some good news after what I think we can all agree has been a shocker of a year. So thank you all very much for that very uplifting news 🙂

You can see a short interview here and see my reaction when they told me!

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