Amidst the Coronavirus pandemic that has swept the world, it became apparent to us more and more every day how much this was going to affect businesses in our local community.

Supportsmouth started out as a way for businesses to sell Gift Cards online (which is still running) but has since developed into an online directory of pubs, restaurants, cafes, shops etc who are still selling their products in Portsmouth.

The idea came from our friend Rob who was asking which places were still doing delivery/takeaway but weren’t listed on the popular delivery apps – once we asked that question on Facebook it became apparent that a lot more were still running than we initially thought! And so, Supportsmouth evolved and is now an up to date listing of businesses you can still support locally!

Supportsmouth Gift Cards

We initially set this site up so that local businesses could have their own site selling gift cards for their customers to buy to use in the future. This scheme is currently unavailable due to the free resources that were gifted to us expiring. If you need help with your website in order to get something up, please get in contact with Starboard Media who can help at a discounted price.

Am I eligable?

The aim of Supportsmouth is to support local businesses who are unable to operate as per usual during the pandemic. This covers businesses that rely on a physical presence – such as shops, pubs, bars, cafes, restuarants or classes (such as fitness).

If you feel your business meets these requirements please feel free to submit yours via the online form!

Please note: not all businesses submitted may be published as they must meet the above requirements in order to keep true to the original cause.

Is it free?

We’re offering this service for free and as long as we have the time and resources, we’ll keep doing so. We hope this service helps people to support to businesses who have been hit by the lockdown and keeps things ticking over until this all blows over.

If you’re running a business and would like to have it listed here, please do get in touch, we’re happy to help!